Enhance Face & Body Volumizing Lotion
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New Beauty® Magazine says....More Fullness for Your Bust and

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Enlargement reached after 56 days  - as much as 8.4% or over 3 inches

New Chinese herb stimulates fat storage,where it's applied—without hormones, drugs or surgery.

Helps promote body volume, stimulating adipose tissue,fat, formation
creating a lipofilling-like effect

  Increases Breasts, Buttocks, Cheeks, Lips, Hands, Any Area of Face or Body That Needs Fullness

VOLUFILINE™,a new discovery made from the Chinese herb Zhi mu, made in the USA, stimulates fat storage wherever it's applied—Helping to promote body volume and fullness leading to an increase of fat volume, only where applied.

*Have your breasts or buttocks lost volume
as you lost weight, aged or had children?

*Have your facial contours lost their fullness?

*Would you like to safely add several inches to your breasts in just weeks?

*Has the skin on your hands become loose and wrinkled with visible veins?

Enhance Face & Body Volumizing Lotion increases the volume of the breasts, buttocks                   hands, cheeks, lips, calves and any other part of the body or face that needs volume                     filling, for women or men, without surgery, hormones or dangerous drugs.

This enhances the volume of the fatty tissue- leading to a more voluminous and shapely               figure or face. The concept is similar to fat transfer surgeries which take fat from one part
of the body to another.
Cell volume increased over 22 times! Fat storage increased more than 600%!

Enhance Face & Body Volumizing Lotion

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New Beauty® Magazine says....More Fullness for Your Bust and Butt

"When you think of plumping products, the first area that comes to mind is probably the lips. But let's be honest—plenty of us could use some plumping help elsewhere. If you've experienced the kind of fat loss that ages your cheeks and hands, it may work for you there, too. Although it's not the same as injectable or surgical results, this affordable formula makes an excellent effort in the quest for a more shapely you."

Try this new, revolutionary scientific discovery that will
quickly and safely give you the figure you deserve.

        To use: Simply rub Enhance Face & Body Volumizing Lotion on breasts, buttocks,
        hands,cheeks, lips or any area you wish to "plump" twice daily. Results can
        start to be seen in just weeks.
Made in USA                                                                            Not Tested on Animals

                                      New Beauty Magazine Article
                                "Why Facial Volume Matters"

                  Posted Monday, January 23, 2012 by Shellie Terry Benson, Editor

     You may not realize it, but a little plumpness is a good thing, especially when we're talking about the face.                    Fat naturally adds the volume and support to the face that keeps wrinkles at bay and  your skin looking youthful.           However, we start to lose facial fat as early as our 20s, and it's a downhill slide, literally, from there.

Facial fat deteriorates naturally with age, but weight loss and hormonal changes can speed up the process. When this happens, we start to see less definition around the face, including sunken temples, forehead and   brow wrinkles, the corners of the mouth turned down, hallowing around the eyes, flatter cheeks and slack skin around the jaw.

5 Causes of Volume Loss ...New Beauty Magazine

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